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Do you have a self-care or travel product that are artisan-crafted and all-natural? Is your product a replacement for everyday, single-use items? Does your company have responsible, eco-friendly, sustainable practices?

We are looking to work with awesome, sustainable brands! Here are examples of the types of products that we like:

Food Type Products:

Fair Trade Single Origin Chocolate, Tea, Whole Bean Coffee, Vegan sweet treats

Travel Accessories

Artisan-crafted leather goods, journals, postcards/prints, luggage tags, passport books

Wellness Products:

Adaptogens, Bath and Body, Face Oils, Hair Care, Skin Care, Soaps


Aromatherapy sprays, make-up bags, reusable totes jewelry pieces (necklaces and bracelets work best for all.)

We use 100% recyclable boxes and packaging material, and use the very least amount of plastics. In fact, the only plastic we use is tape and mailing labels. We require the same for the brands we work with.

Song & Sea requests two (2) samples of each SKU to test before we onboard a new brand. Samples will not be returned to the brand, regardless of whether or not the brand is taken on as a vendor. Why? We love to test out all of our products vigorously before we put them on our website and in our boxes for you. We want to ensure that we are only offering our customers the absolute best of what is out there, and to us, that means making sure that our team tests everything. It's important to us to thoroughly consider each product and choose the right ones for our customers.

If we do not take on your product, it doesn't mean it cannot happen in the future. Feel free to reach out and ask us why. We love giving feedback on how awesome brands can improve their packaging and product to align with our missions and values and we all want to grow together!


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We have very strict rules about packaging that all vendors must comply with. All packaging must be compostable, recyclable, and plastic free.